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Frequently Asked Questions

A toll pass is a device or transponder that allows you to pay tolls electronically on toll roads in Australia. Instead of paying a toll in cash at a toll booth, you can drive through a designated lane and your toll will be automatically deducted from your toll pass account.

There are several toll pass providers in Australia, each with their own sign-up process. You can typically apply for a toll pass online or at a participating retailer. You will need to provide your personal and vehicle information and choose a payment method, such as credit card or direct debit.

There are several toll pass options available in Australia, including transponders that can be installed in your vehicle and mobile apps that allow you to pay tolls using your smartphone. Some toll pass providers also offer multi-use passes that can be used on multiple toll roads in different regions.

There may be fees associated with using a toll pass in Australia, such as activation fees, monthly maintenance fees, and transaction fees. It is a good idea to check with the toll pass provider to understand any fees that may apply.

eFleetPass Tolling offers tolling services all over Australia and New Zealand so your toll pass can be used in both the countries at the moment. The availability of the toll pass in other countries like France, UK, Canada and US are in the works.