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An e-toll pass, also known as an electronic toll pass or transponder, is a device that allows you to pay tolls electronically on toll roads. Instead of paying a toll in cash at a toll booth, you can drive through a designated lane and your toll will be automatically deducted from your e-toll pass account. E-toll passes are typically small devices that can be mounted on the inside of your vehicle's windshield or attached to the exterior of your vehicle. When you drive through a toll plaza, the device communicates with a reader to deduct the appropriate toll from your account.

E-toll passes are often used on toll roads that are operated by private companies or local governments. They are a convenient way to pay tolls, as you do not need to stop and pay in cash or with a credit card. Many e-toll pass systems offer additional features, such as real-time account balances and automatic replenishment when your balance gets low. Some e-toll passes can also be used on toll roads in other countries. To use an e-toll pass, you will need to apply for an account and purchase or lease the device from a toll pass provider. There may be fees associated with using an e-toll pass, such as activation fees, monthly maintenance fees, and transaction fees. It is a good idea to check with the toll pass provider to understand any fees that may apply.